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If you’ve been thinking about switching to an umbrella company, Industria is the one for you. As a professional contractor, your time is precious, and we know this.

Why waste time chasing accountants for financial advice or having to deal with the complexities of PAYE? We can handle all that for you.

Contracting Through an Umbrella Company

  • Do you not really understand the financial aspects of your business?
  • Have you been subject to unexpected tax bills and don’t understand why?
  • Would you like a realistic overview of your business’s finances and accounts?

If you answered yes to even only one of the questions above, it’s time to get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

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We Can’t Wait to Talk

We believe that staying relevant and up-to-date is highly important in this fast-paced day and age. At Industria, we strive to keep our finger on the pulse at all times, staying tuned in to what’s happening within the industry. We use effective communication methods and keep you up-to-date and in the loop. Simply get in touch with us by telephone number 0151 909 3835. We’re here to help you between the hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

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Why switch to Industria?

Our expert financial and legal team here at Industria specialise in UK contracting and comprehensive umbrella solutions.We will provide you with the help and support that your business accounts rightly deserve. From IR35 compliance to expert umbrella services, we’re committed to saving you time and hassle, so get in touch if you’re thinking of making the move.

As industry leaders at Industria, we will handle all the financial aspects of your business. We’re truly committed to saving you time and hassle in any way that we can, ensuring that you are paid on time, every time.

Get professional and confidential advice regarding your business accounts from Industria.

  • Get access to help and support when you need it.
  • We are reputable and qualified – so you are in safe hands.
  • Let us handle the complicated financial aspects of your business so you can focus on your day-to-day job.

Discover a better way to manage your accounts by switching to Industria today.

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